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Thursday, February 20
i think this blogspot hommie of mine has been deleted from it system.
but watever it is, i may try again to set up a new one eventho i already haf two of it....
so here it goes...

i am here in my gf's room and everything goes well.
im kinda hungry...waiting fer my gf to cook.
anyways, i miss writing shits in this shit...

god! my organizer has been taken by one of my family members.

i dun mind actually but juz giv my bank book back.

i noe this is really weird but i kinda miss someone...
where the hell is my adik...!!!

aarrghh.....i got so many things in my mind which i juz wanna let it out but i feel that its not the time yet.

basically, aziah is engaged, irma is long gone and arafah is mad at me coz i didnt go home fer the past week.

one thing's fer sure, i wanna make a "great entrance" to the 1st march gig @ la salle.

die die must go.






.:tHe PasT:.

the world is mine now, to hell with you...

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