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Wednesday, May 21
talk about feelings, at the moment, i dun haf any of it coz im in my own world tryin to figure out what the hell i'm here for. fer starters, im confused y life is so evil. i'm scared dat i'll die without even knowing wat's laid infront of me. all these times i had tried my best to see what's best for me and where i'd go wrong. nobody's there to make me realise what i'm doin now is wrong. (yeah, i noe im lying but where is she when i need her, the most?)
frankly, i dun wanna ruin my friendship with her. she's been by my side fer the past 4 years and it seems dat we're getting more and more apart. dun blame me fer not making the effort but hey, everyone need their privacy. i dun wan to be accused of interfering in her life, again. i noe im giving her her space but i dun noe whether its enuff or less.
i truly do miss her. i dun say dis juz becoz i haf no one else to turn to but i haf always been. sometimes i feel like i'm never there fer her and it's partly my fault coz im hardly reachable.
i DO feel guilty.
all i want to do now is juz to make it up to her and prove to her dat i can be better den last time. im gettin older everyday and i noe i can't take everything fer granted.
im hungry...
im going to meet my mum...free food!
i wanna make myself reachable fer her....only her....
starhub top up card....here i come....(hehehe)





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