.:everytime i close my eyes, i tremble with fear:.

Saturday, June 14
i am so closed. my mind is so shut up. my moves are so restricted. my words are so vulgar. my thinking is so shallow. my actions are so not called for.

i am juz not myself today. i feel very weird. very...

Mad monks was fun. i had fun. fun had i. everybody was there. like normal. freeflow seemed short. i got high but was steady. oh yeah, there was a fight after clubbing. Wawa got beaten up. Sharon n Wawa are like Bonnie n Clyde. they ran off to hougang in a cab. Meli talked to the fat girl dat wanted to noe me.

i am straight. get that, straight.

im stoked. later.

Thursday, June 12
interviews sucked. i hate the interviewer.

"i'll give u a call, ok?"

urgh....isnt there no other polite answers? the one at the HR dept at international plaza is ok. i haf the feeling of confidence that i'll get the job at mcdonalds.

did i hear my phone ring?

Tuesday, June 10
babysitting session today with my 2 yr old nephew. sick in the brain. noisy little twirp. but i love him all the same. whatever condition i am in, he will always puts a smile on my little pathetic face. he's juz finished bathing....he's mouth is always werkin it out. he will say out whatever tihngs he sees. clock, cd, milk...etc. i think now i can be part of that purple and green dinosaur's club. to hell with punk songs. nursery ryhmes rules! insanity u say? i might guess u wudnt wanna haf my sickness. LoL!
shite, being jobless is so sucky.

"baby if u gif it to me, i'll gif it to u, i noe wat u wan,
baby if u gif it to me, i'll gif it to u, as long as u wan...

i am so in love with this song. zila introduced it to me. muakaka..sickhead i am. LaL!
tomorrow will be another day...another day which i will spend with daniah hunting fer jobs. cant wait fer next mon. it's been awhile since i've been to sentosa. the last time was the 2002 new years foam party. sick shit. gonna haf a picnic at siloso beach with my ex skoolmates. swimming will be one of the activities. i've been swimming fer the past week, my arms are falling off.

is the all american rejects a punk band? coz their song suck. if its not then its ok i guess.

i need to memorise le tigre's songs fer jamming session. god noes when but i feel i hafta start early. dun wanna be cocked up like the last band, Stellar. where haf the band members gone? "where haf all the boot boys gone...."

need to change the tube on my mountain bike's tyre....there's a freaking small puncture and it cant even hold on fer 2 hrs. how sickening.

my sister-in-law's fren is takin my nephew to watch Finding Nemo. fark it. it's been so long i've watched a movie in a cinema. catch phone booth, ya'll. it's cool. i wanna watch blue crush. anybody got the vcd?
wat the hell am i listening to this hip hop shite on perfect ten? ah, it reminds me...goin clubbing this weekend. saw meli at woodlands yesterday when i was hanging out at orange julius woodlands. maybe i'll make that place my next fav hang out. i love the hotdogs...and dun ferget the orange juice. weee?

anakmelayu.com is getting lamer by the day. im getting bored of it. i need to upgrade myself. i cant bring myself to make a new website. my last one suck. there's no motivation. i want flash program!! gif it to meeeeeee........

im outta here. oh yeah, didi left a msg at my photo gallery. didnt ask him to anyway. so juz keep ur negativity comments fer urself, aight? dun need 'em.





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