.:everytime i close my eyes, i tremble with fear:.

Saturday, June 21
shite. somehow i feel dat i juz slept fer a wk....my body aches like hell.....

anyways, sharon's chalet was a blast. we had fun. ahakz. sickening dunkards. i saw someone i didnt expect to be there but it was all fer the booze. i didnt mind at all. hehe. so fuckin cute. i came and meli shouted out my name. i looked at her direction and waved. i gave sharon the graff and the ferrero roche. and a kiss on the cheek. meli came and greeted me. everybody else is minding their own biz. kinda haf this tension feeling but....hell, i came down to haf fun. i saw a bottle of martell and i didnt even get to taste it. all i did the whole nite was juz slacked one corner, talking wif some of the guys and going adventure to the red house and the swamp. i juz fuckin sleep. eventho i got the mattress to sleep on, i juz cant close my eyes.

the next day.......

[to be cont'd]

Friday, June 20
and here i am.....back from sharon's chalet. freakingly tired. didnt freaking sleep fer two freaking days....

and im freakingly pissed i didnt get freaking drunk...


[aku tgh penat....mepek ah ni entry...............zzzZZZzzzzzZZZZZZzzzZZzzzzZZZZzzzZZz]

Thursday, June 19


Meet me in outer space
We could spend the night
Watch the earth come up
I've grown tired of that place
Won't you come with me?
We could start again

How do you do it
Make me feel like I do
How do you do it
It's better than I ever knew

Meet me in outer space
I will hold you close
If you're afraid of heights
I need you to see this place
It might be the only way
That I can show you how
It feels to be inside you

How do you do it
Make me feel like I do
How do you do it
It's better than I ever knew
How do you do it
Make me feel like I do


Wednesday, June 18
ahakz.....i am sooooo good at this.....i lurveeeeeeeeeee the change....

im lying if i say life is beautiful.
im lying if i say life is perfect.
im lying if i say life is all about happiness and joy.
but im not lying if i say we can get all of those.

it makes me think, does it really matter to other people wat i do?
its my life isnt it?
im the one who's living isnt it?
im the one who takes all the consequences no matter whether its right or wrong, right?

or maybe it works two ways?
if my life is in shape, urs isnt?
if my life is out of shape, urs is all nice and perfect?

growing up is hard.
dun take advantage of wat comes to u.
this is the time u get up and do little pretty things fer urself and make urself a better person.
dun even think of settling down.
coz u haf not taste the sweetness of life.

n ure really lying if u say u haf enuff of enjoying urself.

i wud only believe u if u were on ur deathbed.

Tuesday, June 17
my archives suck.....im too tired to change it.....blergh.....

Monday, June 16
Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Darling.

I Love You...

I Miss You...

aYanG&BaBy Forever...


Sunday, June 15
new layout again.....



im bored....





.:tHe PasT:.

the world is mine now, to hell with you...

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