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Sunday, July 6
hallooooo...i juz came back from the McDonalds interview. i shud say dat i was pretty laid back. no nervousness, no nothing. i was so relaxed. coz i knew dat i wud get the job n its true! i did get the job n im starting tomorrow at 2pm. hehe...

yesterday i went over to meet her and she was nagging at me abt her house keys being in someone else's hands. it wasnt my fault and n she's blasting at me. blergh. anyways, i was supposed to buy her dinner but the food court has closed as it was near 10pm. she was so mad at me when i bought fer her maggi mee she dun wanna eat. well, i was lazy to force her anyway.

after dinner, i left to take my last bus. i kissed her forehead and bid her gdbye. i knew she was still burning abt the house keys and abt me being a person who listens to wat other ppl say. well...they're my frens. ergh. she dun like me talking to them, they dun like me talking to her. its a very complicated matter. i dun wish to elaborate.

im starting work tomorrow and im gonna concentrate on saving money. first i hafta clear my starhub bill and reactivate it and let her use it. den im gonna pay the house money, den the power supply bill, den im gonna move in with her. she doesnt noe abt this. i wanna make a surprise. muahaha.

k lah...im seriously bored like fuck and i think i wanna go and see MTV...





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