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Thursday, July 31
the world is mine now. time is money. money is precious. gonna move on eventho my heart hurts like hell. thanks for everything. the love, the care, the understanding, the nagging, the food, the shelter, the late night talks and your company. im trying to find a way to make my life a better one without anyone whom i should worry for 24/7. all i noe dat im gonna come back to my own house and live here happily ever after. i can do watever i wanna do, whenever i wanna do it, how i wanna do it. nobody's gonna stop me and nag at me and etc. this is my real freedom. this is wat ive been longing for. fuck all of u bitches who tried to destroy my life. i m still moving on...

thankz to ronnie's fren, Yan, for sending me back home from that hell hole. i m so embarassed coz i dun want ronnie to think that i only accept him as a transport and not a fren. i m sincere in this friendship. i hope he doesnt think otherwise.

i reached home ard 3.30am this morning and i slept like a log. i was bloody surprised that i woke up at 2pm. i never woke up at this kind of time before. my plans for today:- stay at home, clean up the house, clean up my cupboard, clean up my books, then will go for a short walk at the reservoir.

erm, hida's sms makes me wonder wat's so urgent coz it's been a long time since she contacted me. i wonder why...





.:tHe PasT:.

the world is mine now, to hell with you...

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